Insolvency & Restructuring

Insolvencies are a complex chapter in economic life. The negative economic effects of the coronavirus crisis have disappeared. Sharp rises in energy costs, inflation and labor shortages are new hurdles that need to be mastered. Massive changes due to digitalization have not only affected brick-and-mortar retail.

If a company finds itself in a financial crisis, this brings major challenges for all those involved: Management, employees, suppliers, customers and banks, each with differing interests. Out-of-court restructuring or restructuring proceedings under insolvency law are the foundation for leading the company out of the crisis and towards success again. A corporate restructuring always requires rapid and decisive action and the development of an economically sensible solution concept involving the key stakeholders. Professional and forward-looking advice is essential for the legal implementation of a restructuring in order to determine all legal options and achieve the desired restructuring. 

The aim of our legal advice in the advance stages of a corporate crisis is to avoid insolvency from all legal perspectives. If insolvency can no longer be avoided, we will advise you on the prudent preparation of insolvency proceedings and represent you in insolvency proceedings with the aim of achieving sustainable debt relief. 

Creditors and contractual partners such as banks, employees or customers and suppliers are massively affected by a company's insolvency. We take care of your interests and enforce your contractual and legal rights.

The insolvency & restructuring team at Kunz Wallentin Rechtsanwälte GmbH, led by Dr. Eberhard Wallentin, is happy to assist the affected stakeholders - companies, employees, customers, suppliers and banks - with a dynamic combination of qualified expertise and extensive practical experience.