Insolvency & Restructuring

Insolvencies are a complex chapter in business life. After the Corona crisis, you face new challenges: High energy costs, inflation, labor shortages.




Insolvencies are a complex chapter in business life. The negative economic effects of the Corona crisis have eased in the meantime; in their place, sharply increased energy costs, inflation and labor shortages have created new difficulties that have to be mastered. In addition, there have been massive changes due to digitalization, which has not only affected stationary retail.

If insolvency cannot be avoided, we set the course for optimal debt relief for you as a debtor with prudent preparation and representation in insolvency proceedings or restructuring proceedings.

If you as a creditor or as a contractual partner are affected by an imminent or already occurred insolvency of your debtor or your contractual partner, we represent your interests as an affected creditor or contractual partner and support you in enforcing your contractual and legal rights.