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KW Development

KW Development

We are aware of the responsibility we carry - not only for external stakeholders but also for those within our business. Our staff are our DNA, they constitute the blueprint of our business.

Individual development programmes and opportunities are equally part of our business culture. Without providing such opportunities, it is impossible to guarantee and sustain the quality of our everyday professional life - which we want to spend with young people who are keen and ready to commit.

Moot court: For many years we have supported the "M&A moot court competition", organized by the University of Economy Vienna/elsa. The track record of our teams is famous: Not only our teams won the competition, member of our teams were named "best speaker". (


KW fit for Future

"Next Generation" runs like a red thread through our corporate culture and our values. We encourage and support with great joy young people who are interested in and commited to projects of the future. For that reason we are cooperation partners of "Ecoforum" (, a network of students and young professionals who meet on a regular base to exchange ideas, invite top-class speakers from business and politics and established a new format that we support out of pure conviction. Because the future concerns all of us!

Supervisory board Next Generation: Preparation training course for Young Professionals becoming Supervisory Board Members. Interested? Your are a young professional starting your career and becoming a member of a Supervisory Board in the future is of interest for your Apply now - the next training course starts in January 2020! All further information is available on our website:

KW Fit with Skills

KW Fit with Skills

 "Basis Gesellschaftsrecht" (Katrin Chladek)
 "Unternehmensbewertung" (Andreas Sauer/Rene Quin)
 "Profiling - Der Blick hinter die Fassade" (Patricia Stanek)
 "Private Equity - Venture Capital I" (Wolfgang Stenzel)
 "Negotiation Skills" (Claudia Winkler)
 "Crowdfunding - Real Estate" (Peter Kunz/Thomas Seeber)
 "Private Equity - Venture Capital II" (Lukas Straganz ua)
 "Private Equity - Venture Capital III" (Lukas Straganz ua)
 "Rechtsmonitoring" (Thomas Seeber, Wolfgang Stenzel)
 "Fristen etc" - (Thomas Seeber)
 "Geldwäsche" - (Thomas Seeber, Lukas Straganz)
 "Networking Skills" (Claudia Winkler)

Our practice is our passion.

If you are tempted by the idea of working in close-knit teams to deliver exceptional performance by demanding more of yourself, we look forward to your application, whether you are trained in the legal profession or would like to support us with other skills. 

Please submit any applications to our HR-department: