KW Life

Peter Kunz

KW Fit for Life

Both keeping one’s mind sharp and enjoying phyisical exercise are vital parts a healthy lifestyle. 

We try to maintain a balance between our professional routine and physical activity. Not only does exercise keep us grounded, it also comes with health and fitness benefits. 

Cycling, skiing, running – solo or together.

Fit for Life is one of the building blocks of our business culture.


KW Fit with Fun

Humour is the button to keep one’s collar down so as not to lose one’s head.

- Joachim Ringelnatz

The recreation programme we have put in place for our staff and ourselves is a staple in our business philosophy. Whether it's having a chat over a quick drink after work, sharing a delicious Kaiserschmarrn up in a ski hut, planning excursions or going for a run together – whatever the situation, we make a point of enjoying life. 

Our practice is our passion.

If you are tempted by the idea of working in close-knit teams to deliver exceptional performance by demanding more of yourself, we look forward to your application, whether you are trained in the legal profession or would like to support us with other skills. 

Please submit any applications to our HR-department: