Regulatory Compliance

Antitrust law: The success of executing a transaction or setting up a joint venture often depends on antitrust regulations. Our team will help you overcome antitrust hurdles while keeping a close eye on your strategic and business goals. 

Market-dominating businesses in particular are increasingly subject to suspicions of abuse. We provide forward-looking solutions, tailored to your needs, making sure that your business policy and projects are in line with antitrust legislation. 

We offer compliance programmes and training courses to ensure that your business activities are in compliance with Austrian as well as European antitrust law. We provide assistance with internal investigations as well as administrative (court) proceedings, supporting you with strategic advice within the context of antitrust proceedings.

Regulatory compliance: Businesses and decision makers are faced with ever-tightening regulatory requirements as well as increased intensity of surveillance and prosecution by investigating authorities, while prosecution of white-collar crime is being employed as a means of enforcing economic governance and policy. In a critical scenario, this raises not only the question of criminal liability but also of decision maker’s individual liability.

In light of these developments, the risks of criminal and administrative prosecution require more attention than ever.

This is why we provide pre-emptive support from the primary stages of establishing organizational, business and decision-making processes to prevent any risk of sanctions, and guide you through critical situations or internal fact-finding investigations as well as investigations of suspicious activity.