Film Law

Before a film is screened in cinemas, on television or - in a more recent context - legally streamed or downloaded, a whole little cosmos is set in motion.

Producers, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, actors, composers, editors, publishers, agencies, distributors, broadcasters, sponsoring institutions, financiers, insurers, etc. - present an intricate web of interdependence, whereby one skill set complements another and differing demands compete. However, the contractual foundation making all of this possible is equally complex. With our firsthand knowledge of the Austrian and international film industry, we provide advice on financing, production and distribution. Our services range from copyright protection to personality rights’ issues, from the licensing of rights to merchandising, from securing the shooting to the distribution of the final product. 

The Media Law International 2016 - Specialist Guide to the Global Leader in Media Law Practice (3rd edition) acknowledges Thomas Wallentin and his team as experts on Austrian film law.

"Thomas Wallentin's primary areas of practice are film law, sports law and copyrights. He leads the team advising on financing, production and exploitation of motion pictures. [...] Lawyers also advise broadcasting companies, television producers, musicians, advertising and new media agencies on all matters related to copyright issues."