Life Sciences (Medical & Health Care)

When it comes to medical and health law, a legal advisory team needs to be able to combine in-depth knowledge of medical and health law with expertise in labour and corporate sectors in order to address clients' needs from every relevant angle. Our Competence Group “Life Sciences” brings together a dedicated medical and health law team with labour and corporate law specialists who have extensive experience dealing with specific intersections between sectors.

We advise all types of healthcare service providers and organizations, especially hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, convalescent clinics and acute care facilities of various specializations, covering all pertinent areas of private and public law.

We leverage our experience in the field to provide optimal support to inpatient and outpatient clinics as well as physicians in solo and joint practices. In particular management and legal departments in the sector turn to us for advice on all legal matters, including liability issues, questions pertaining to setting up a business, procurement and sales.