Industrial property protection: the brand is often a business' strongest asset. It's what gives a company its personality, it is the branding that distinguishes our products and services from those of competitors and generates visibility. Economic success is built on trademark rights, which must be securely in place from the moment a business starts up. Once established, brand maintenance and protection against attacks by competitors become essential. Our team helps businesses develop their brand strategy, carries out identity and similarity assessments and ensures that our client's trademark rights are upheld at national, European and international levels.

Copyright: Intellectual property is a precious commodity which requires special protection, especially in the digital age we live in.

Our close involvement with creators and innovators in industry has given us unique insights into the key issues creative minds are faced with when it comes to protecting services, products and their art work. Broadcasters, film and TV producers, authors, artists, musicians, collecting societies, associations, advertising and new media agencies, sports marketing and technology companies alike turn to us for up-to-date comprehensive advice on all copyright issues.

IT Law: In-depth advice on IT law requires not only legal savvy but also experience and a technically-minded as well as a creative approach to the constant search for new solutions. The comprehensive experience we now rely on is the result of many years of IT law practice. We speak our clients' language and are even able to assist them with complex IT projects. We advise them on drawing up and negotiating contracts (projects, outsourcing, carve-outs, cloud computing, SaaS, etc.), on E-commerce and other internet law issues, as well as on data protection in this context.